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Bit of Unexpected Downtime

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The moon is a New Moon

Some of you may have noticed that my site went down for bit today.

Well, it was just a bit of hardware problem at my web hosting company.  They’ve fixed it and I’m back up and running.  Sadly, I did temporarily lose one post from yesterday, which I’ve recreated, but I’ve also lost comments made yesterday.  No way to get those back, really, as they weren’t on the backup and I don’t have a personal backup, either.

So, my apologies to anyone effected.

Emergency Funds

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The moon is a New Moon

How much money do you have saved in case of emergency?

No, I’m not asking you to tell me in the comments. But, it is a good question to be asking yourself. For instance, it would have been nice to have a fund to draw on for all those unexpected medical bills last year. It’s hard to stay out of debt when the doctors keep charging me to maintain my good health! Seriously, though, one of my goals in the next year or two is to get at least two paychecks worth of income set aside in case of emergency. Initially, I thought I’d keep it all in a single account, but after reading Use a Freedom Account to Prepare for the Unexpected on the Get Rich Slowly blog, maybe I’ll set up more than one “emergency fund”. Sure, it’ll take longer, but I’ll probably feel safer.
At any rate, the article itself is sure worth a read and gives you something to think about!

Advice from your Uncle Jim:
"A friend of mine told me once that they don't lock you up for being crazy, only for acting crazy."

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