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Looking for New Music

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The moon is a Full Moon

Okay, so I’m tragically unhip and I know it.

But, that’s no reason for my music to be sad, old, and uncool. So, I know many of my readers are far more with it than I am and I’m looking to you all for suggestions to give my iPod an injection of cool music mojo. And, ladies, I’m especially counting on you all to help this poor white boy find something to shake it to that will at least impress your kind with my brilliant musical taste. Also, I’ve just gotten bored with the CDs I’ve got in my car and on my shelf and I’ve got a huge cart at Amazon.com that I want to throw some music into before I checkout.  So, something new and hip and, preferably, indie, okay?

Just in case you’re not clear, the Rolling Stones are not what I had in mind.
The poll is live and in the sidebar to the right, so vote!

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