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Reading on the Rise

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

I didn’t become a professional geek by accident.

No, my computer and network skills were hard won from mind-numbing texts of truly Brobdignagian proportions. I owe that ability mainly to my mother, though my father was very “reading positive”, too.

NEA says reading is on the rise, though the guy at the LA Times seems somehow offended by that. Somehow, that seems kind of funny to me, that a guy who makes his living based on people reading would get so snippy about what should be good news to his profession. Maybe it’s because they’re talking about people reading fiction, not non-fiction, that makes the difference. Frankly, as someone who wanted to be an author once, I think any kind of reading being more popular is a Very Good Thing. I just hope it’s not over-stated in any way and actually happening!

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