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Custom Campers

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The moon is Waning Crescent

I dream of running away from home in a custom recreational vehicle.

No, seriously, I actually day dream about having a life so simple that I can hook up a trailer, load the dog in a car or truck next to me and just take off.  Forever.
There are people who say that the “geographic cure” just won’t do, that your troubles will catch up to you where ever you go.  I think those people just get tired and stop, eventually.  I think that if I were to just keep moving I could stay ahead of all my problems, writing from the road and selling photographs via a satellite Internet connection when I needed some money.  I think it could work.

And, surely, one of these fine, custom campers or RVs from the slideshow at MSN would make a fine home.  Anyone want to run away with me?  We could join the circus!

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