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Ryumaou Reviews Ramen?

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

So, there’s a new poll up to gauge how you all feel about a regular, weekly review of ramen noodles.

Look, I’m embracing the fact that I’m probably going to be poor for a very long time, so I’m cutting back. I’ve eaten out a lot and I think that’s probably one place I can cut back easily. But, I got to thinking about it and, well, I probably spend a lot on fast, convenient food during the week, too. I started to think about all the things I did in college when I didn’t have any money and, naturally, I thought of ramen noodles. Who hasn’t slurped down their fair share of ramen noodles? Seriously!
As a college student, in particular, I ate my fair share of ramen. Hey, I’m sure we all did back in the days when we were starting out. I mean, they were fast and easy and didn’t require more than a spoon stolen from food service and a cup of hot water. What’s more, though, is that I found them not just filling but tasty, too! So, instead of reviewing the super-high-end food that so many upwardly mobile people get all goofy about, I thought I might review the cuisine of the financially challenged everywhere: ramen!!

Okay, so I know it’s not really the most original idea. At least one guy in Japan has done it already at a site called i-ramen.net. But, that’s all in Japanese, so it doesn’t do much good to those of us in the English-speaking world. (I read about him in an article from Boing Boing, incidentally.)  I don’t know that I’ll get to review as many as 4000 different versions of ramen, like he did, either, but, well, it does seem like the craziest low-budget adventure I can contemplate this week!
So, who’s with me?  If you think this crazy idea might be fun, vote in the poll on my sidebar and leave comments.
(Oh, yeah, if you don’t get the reference to “Ryumaou”, look at the address of the site you’re on.  I’ve used that romanization of a Japanese nickname since I first got on-line in the 90’s.  And, I liked the alliteration.)


  1. Yep, back in college I had my fair share of Ramen too. Although I was introduced to the Korean ramen noodles which has a little more heat and tastes pretty good. I say go for it and take pictures 🙂

    Comment by Frances Parker — 7/27/2010 @ 6:58 pm

  2. How about a series of posts on cooking adventures in the kitchen experimenting with fresh, better for you ingredients, than what is in Ramen noodles?

    Comment by laanba — 7/27/2010 @ 7:39 pm

  3. I don’t know, somehow, ramen seems more fun. I mean, just once a week, you know? Most of the time, I do cook healthy and eat well, and so on, but I really do love ramen.

    Also? It’s quirky and strange and might capture someone’s attention. Besides, ramen ships well, so if I make an Amazon ramen wish list people can buy it for me and send it to me. Theoretically.

    Comment by the Network Geek — 7/27/2010 @ 8:31 pm

  4. Well if you are eating well the rest of the time then I give my blessing. Bwahaha… I know you were SO waiting around for that. 😉

    You know what? I have never eaten Ramen in my life.

    Comment by laanba — 7/27/2010 @ 10:09 pm

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