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Sci-Fi Locations

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

I love science-fiction and I love travel!

Okay, not really.  I actually kind of hate traveling now, thanks to Bin Laden and the TSA, but it would be the only way to see the locations of famous sci-fi films.  I tend to forget that Tatooine was filmed on location.  No, seriously!  All the Tatooine shots were filmed in Tunisia!  For real!
And you can check out a slideshow of a lucky thirteen well-known science fiction movie locations over at Salon.  They’ve got everything from [amazon_link id=”B001G7PX80″ target=”_blank” ]Planet of the Apes[/amazon_link] to [amazon_link id=”B000K15VSA” target=”_blank” ]Blade Runner[/amazon_link] to, yes, [amazon_link id=”B001EN71DG” target=”_blank” ]Star Wars[/amazon_link].

Oh, go ahead and look at the slideshow!  It’s Friday, what else were you doing?

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