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Dating Roulette

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The moon is a Full Moon

So, yeah, I signed up for six months of Match.com again.

Wow, this feels like confession.  Or would if I were Catholic.
Anyway, yeah, a week or two ago, I got an e-mail deal on six months of Match.com, including their BS “Six month guarantee!”  I finally got an updated profile and new photos up.  And, took down some shots of me taken shortly after I finished chemo after my hair started to grow back.  Not sure what I was thinking with that, frankly.  Regardless, the new photos are better, partially because of my skill improving, partly because of better equipment, and partly because I’ve been working out a bit.  (No, not because of Photoshop, you bitter cynics!)

But, the reason I’m writing this isn’t to advertise my availability to the three or four readers I have left!  No, rather it’s to share a little story about a kind of Russian Roulette.
One of the things you can do on Match.com is send what they call “winks”.  They’re just little messages that let someone know you’re interested in them.  Like a ping command, in networking terms.  Incidentally, men should never use “winks” on Match.com.  It’s far better for us to write women a short e-mail that makes more personal contact.
In any case, I got a wink from someone who seemed interesting.  Her profile was kind of generic, but, then aren’t they all after a while?  Besides, she was pretty good looking.  At least, from the one, grainy photo that looked like it was taken on a cellphone, she looked pretty.  But, I had to question what a 28-year-old, blonde, blue-eyed teacher would find interesting about a 42-year-old, graying, professional geek.  Yes, alarm bells went off in my head and they all sounded like “Russian Mail-Order Bride Scam”!

See, more than once, I’ve gotten e-mails from someone who is clearly not from the U.S. and, after a bit of probing, usually turns out to be from somewhere overseas, often Russia or one of the former Soviet-block countries, who’s looking for someone to marry here in the States.  Look, to be clear, I don’t have anything against Russians, or any other foreigner who wants to come to marry an American and come to this country.  I don’t even have anything against the whole mail-order bride thing, though, as an industry, it does seem a little sleazy to me.  But, really, if I wanted a mail-order bride from anywhere, I’d be on one of those sites, not Match.com!
Sadly, I was bored enough today that I was willing to roll the dice and see what happened.  Frankly, I figured that at the worst, I’d have a funny story to tell on the blog.  But, when I went back to play my Russian Dating Roulette, the profile had been deactivated.  So, while it is a problem that crops up on these sites, at least Match.com was on top of it and deleted the profile.

So, now, I’ll be sifting through all the profiles and searches and whatever looking for someone who’s easy on the eyes, can possibly put up with me, is willing to take the chance, and not running a scam.  Won’t that be fun?!?
Well, at least it will give me something more to write about!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why this has been filed under the Bavarian Death Cake of Love category, that comes from a few years ago, before cancer, but after divorce, when I was writing more and trying to date.  (You can read that old entry here.)


  1. good luck! If things there are anything like things here you might not have much to look through! Last time I checked it seemed apparent that the whole economic tragedy had hit match.com hard! So, I will continue to wait patiently until one of the more single guys that I work with notices I exist! I could be waiting a really long time 🙂

    Comment by Cheri — 10/12/2011 @ 12:37 am

  2. Thanks, Cheri! My real problem is that all the profiles sound so similar and generic and, frankly, boring. And, all the single women I know out in the world, either in work or social settings, are all pretty much off limits for one reason or another. Either they’re too young, too crazy, too not interested in me, or too not-straight. *sigh* Such is life, I suppose!

    Comment by the Network Geek — 10/12/2011 @ 8:14 am

  3. My opinion is that using Match.com effectively is a skill that must be practiced to be achieved. On most days, the fake profiles outnumber the real ones, but that means of course that there ARE real profiles on there. Patience is certainly a virtue and nothing beats experience. Keep at it and go on as many SECOND dates as you can. My current relationship is going on 3 years and started with Match.

    If history is any guide, profiles will start to pick up around the holidays, especially after New Year’s when those resolutions kick in.

    Comment by tinyhands — 10/12/2011 @ 11:04 am

  4. Well, we’ll see what happens. My last relationship was started on Match.com and was a pretty good one, but, sadly, probably not one I was quite ready for yet after my divorce. A lot has changed since then, so, I’m hoping the results will be different, too!

    Comment by the Network Geek — 10/12/2011 @ 11:29 am

  5. i am nice and cuteeeeeeee

    Comment by simon — 11/10/2011 @ 1:36 am

  6. Well, Simon, I’m sure that’s true, but your IP address shows you being logged in from Argentina. That, combined with the fact that I’m straight, probably isn’t going to help either one of us.

    Thanks (?) though.

    Comment by the Network Geek — 11/10/2011 @ 9:36 am

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