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Creative Resolutions

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

No, I don’t mean New Year’s Resolutions that are “creative”.

Rather, I’m talking about making some New Year’s Resolutions regarding creative output.
I’ll be honest, this year hasn’t been my most productive, creatively.  But, to be fair, I did get married and merge my life with another person’s and that did take a lot of time and no small amount of effort, for both of us.  I think marriage is a pretty good excuse for not being as productively creative as one…
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Computer Security in the Matrix?

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Finally, a little truth in fiction!

Okay, so this article ran in Slashdot first, but still, it’s pretty cool. After all the wildly inaccurate views of computer security that Hollywood has shown us, from the 3D graphics in “Hackers” to the 3D interface for the UNIX system in “Jurassic Park”, it’s nice to see someone using an actual security tool for a change. Fellow security “entusiasts” will recognize a tool called NMap. Apparently, there’s a scene in “The Matrix Reloaded” where Trinity uses NMap to penetrate an SSH server for something. And, they used actual screen shots of NMap!
(And, they’ve got some advertising set up to take advantage of it.)
Man, I have got to get out to see this movie!

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