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A New Low

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Oh, God, this is a new low.
So, the other day, I’m joking with a friend about obsessively checking my webstats for certain pieces of information. He sort of laughs at me in e-mail and questions why I haven’t done a PERL script to automate it. And, I did actually think about it. The problem would be, as I explained to him, that I’d have to run the PERL script as a daemon, or process. Or, as a CRON job that repeated every fifteen minutes or so. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get the kind of notification that would make writing a script worthwhile. The only problem is, even my super relaxed webhost, Amzia.net, would eventually have issues with that kind of utilization.
In any case, I scouted around for some PERL code anyway, even though I’d probably never be able to actually use them. Then, one morning this past week, it occurred to me that I had PHP code that I could modify to produce the same results. So, I copied my chunk of code, tested it and put it out there, live. Worked like a charm. I got live results and e-mailed them to my friend and we had a good laugh that I’d gone and written code, that worked quite well, for a very personal, inside joke, that no one but he and I would see, or get. But, no, that’s not the new low.
Later, on the same day I made it live, I was sitting outside enjoying one of my last remaining clove cigarettes and caught myself refining the code in my head. Yep, I’m sitting there, petting the dog, smoking and tightening code in my head. I even started to add functionality as I crunched the code, too!

Oh, God, I am such a geek. I don’t even think another tattoo would help at this point. Oh, well, at least it pays the bills.



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The moon is Waning Crescent

Change is good, right?

Well, if you’ve noticed that my site hasn’t been updated much this week and were wondering why, it’s because one of my domains got booted from my old webhost. But, I found the folks over at Amzia.net and all is well. Actually, it’s better than “well”, at least on-line. Amzia.net is not only a better service, in my opinion, and a local company, but they’re cheaper, too! If you’re looking for hosting, check them out.

In other news, today is VD day. Oh, okay, “St. Valentine’s Day”. So, for fun, I bring you the news that Ken and Barbie are getting divorced. No, really. They make up some story about her being a “career worman” and all that kind of junk, but really, I think she’s just run off with G.I. Joe. Or, maybe this guy. I mean, c’mon, admit it, every girl likes a guy in uniform. Honestly, I think the only reason my wife was interested in me was that I told her her I was an Eagle Scout! (Then again, considering the pictures of my Eagle Ceremony, maybe not…) Personally, I think Ken should go for one of Joe’s girlfriends. Turnabout is fair play, after all. And, afterward, they could all get on one of the afternoon talk shows! Now, that’s what I call a good St. Valentine’s Day!!

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