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Hack Your Weight?

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

A “Hacker’s Diet“?

Well, why not? It’s actually an interesting e-book written by John Walker, founder of Autodesk, Inc. He approaches weight loss as an engineering problem, as opposed to a moral, physical, or other kind of problem. He really does take a scientific approach to input and output and how that applies to the human body and weight. Besides, the title alone might just get some over-weight hackers to do something about their weight! Sometimes, it takes a wakeup call.
My personal wakeup call was a picture of my gut hanging over my belt. It was a candid shot of me while we were looking at our new house, before we bought it. Thankfully, that was more than 40 pounds ago and now I feel much better. A little less intake, a bunch more output in the way of exercise and some conscious effort was all it took. Well, that and ignoring the grumbles of an empty stomach. Oh, being out of work for most of a year and short of cash helped some, too. It’s amazing what a little fear will do toward curtailing conspicuous consumption!!

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