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Nerf N-Strike Vulcan IN THE WILD!

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

Oh, my stars and garters!

Well, somehow, I missed the release date of the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25. It was released on July 1and available via a number of online retailers, including Amazon. But, sadly, it’s already sold out! Yes, just nine days after becoming available the most awesome Nerf belt-fed machine gun ever dreamed of by geeks and, one supposes, children, everywhere has sold out.

Naturally, I added it to my wishlist.


More Nerf Machine Gun!

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Okay, look, I normally only post one fun/funny thing a week, and usually on Friday, but this was just too good…

So, my regular readers will all know about my obsession with the Nerf Vulcan, a fully automatic belt-fed machine gun, and you new readers may have just been clued in. Now, I still don’t have a release date on this bad-boy yet, but, I do have a link to video.
Yes, thanks to Gizmodo, I bring you a link to the Great NERF Office War video, featuring the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25!

Good times!

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