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DIY Nutrition Labels

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The moon is a New Moon

Just like at the factory farm.

I was going to just gloss over why I was looking for this and get right to the fun, but, let’s face it; at this point I’m pretty much writing this blog for myself. So, my blushing bride was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a couple weeks ago and she read that one thing which might help is going to basically a ketogenic diet. That led me to look for some DIY keto-friendly energy bars, which I were shelf stable and I could seal up in a small food vacuum storage bag. (You can find my latest recipe discoveries on my Pinterest Recipies and Cooking board.) And, all that led me to think it would be fun to put a nutrition label on my creations.
So, first, I’d need to break down the ingredients in the recipe so I could enter it into the label. After searching around, I found two that analyze the recipe and generate the label. First, there’s cleverly named recipenutrition.com. It’s really simple to use and free. Then, there’s the even more user friendly Very Well Fit site’s Recipe Nutrition Analyzer. Both are free and give you a basic nutrition label.
Finally, if you want to take the output from those labels and make something that’s a little fancier, you can grab your info and head to the Nutrition Label Generator at OnlineLabels.com. Also free, but you’re got to have your data already worked out.
And, while these look like great labels, I’d make sure they were up to FDA standards before using them on a commercial product. Can’t be too safe!

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(Gee, I miss the plugin that used to cross post and attribute for me.  I know I ought to write one, but who has the time?)


Cheap, DIY Steadycam

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Okay, so “Steadycam” is probably a copyright restricted name, but you know what I mean.

Normally, I don’t write about video, but this DIY steadycam is cool.  A real Steadycam costs something like $25,000, but this simple, DIY solution is only about $35.  It looks like he’s using it with one of the new DSLRs that can do HD video, too, which, of course, is one of the reasons I posted it.  Also?  It’s cool.


DIY Coilgun

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

No, I haven’t made one.

But, someone has, in fact, made their own coilgun pistol.  It’s probably not quite deadly, but it also only cost about $135 to make and looks pretty damn cool.  Now, what’s taking the U.S. Military so long to come up with their own?  Or, why haven’t they taken this one and improved it to something deadly?

Either way, here is evidence that geeks are cool.  I mean, it took a pretty smart, geeky guy to come up with this and actually follow through on it to produce a working gun.  At least, I’m impressed.  And, you have to admit it is pretty cool and definitely geeky.  So, geeks are cool.
Stop laughing!

(Yes, okay, I knos this is old, but I’ve had it sitting in my queue for six months and I’m just getting to it!)

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