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Third Option

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

I may have another candidate after all….

Okay, this Libertarian guy, Michael Badnarik, just might be on to something. I don’t talk politics much in my blog, mainly because I think too many people already do, but this strikes me as important.
America has forgotten that we’re NOT a two-party system. We have more choices than just voting Democrat or Repbulican. Among others, there are also the Communists, the Socialists, the Family Values Party, the Reform Party, the Green Party (actually, two of them), the Labor Party, and even, yes, even the American Nazi Party. But, for some time now, the most reasonable “Third Party” has seemed like the Libertarians. (You can see all the parties here at Politics1.)
I’ve known about them for quite some time, and I’ve alwasy felt like they were closer to my personal ideal of government, but, it was this article at Slashdot that really got me thinking. I mean, this guy is really answering the questions like he’s thought about them himself and isn’t trying to give the “right” answer. When was the last time a politian did that!?

Well, I haven’t decided, yet, but the more I look, the more I like the Libertarian Party. No matter how you feel, though, get out and vote. Nothing you do as a United States Citizen is more important.

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