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SPAM law a bust?

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Well, maybe not entirely

But, according to this article on Australian IT, it sure hasn’t had much effect. The law was supposed to stop unwanted “junk” e-mail completely, but it hasn’t quite done that. In fact, according to the article, it’s barely had any effect at all.
Frankly, I’m not surprised. That law didn’t really have much in the way of teeth. I know I could see that back when it was first proposed. Honestly, I couldn’t believe that lawmakers thought it would do any good at all! But, still, it got passed and it was at least something that headed in the right direction. Now, at least, there’s precedent for the law. Maybe they can draft new laws that will add a bit of oomph to the enforcement end of things. God knows, I’d love to stop the 50+ junk e-mails I get every day.
Oh, well, just remember, when you see people running for office that are in favor of stricter laws regarding this kind of thing, vote for them!

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