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Small Victories

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Got it licked!

Thanks to a little help from a fresh pair of eyes, that is. I’d been having trouble working with the image of our Dell Precision 670 Workstation series, until one of the other guys pointed out something in the registry for me. Now, I’d manually edited the registry file via a text editor, but, somehow, that didn’t make a difference. So, I changed it in another tool (Console One, actually), and the entire image worked! (To refresh your memory, the surviving Mike aka The Messiah, figured out a way to use SNAPShot to make addon images. So, I’ve been exporting the registry changes from the NAL objects I created in Console One, hence the above statement. Make sense now?)
And, I’ve redone the image for the GX280 the same way. Fortunately, I didn’t have the same problems with that image that I had with the SCSI based ones. Now, I’m working on updating the d400 image. It’s a little tedious, but at least I’m making progress again. Finally!

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“Well, he doesn’t drink like a girl.”

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Okay, that sounds a lot more charming and witty in a Scottish brogue.

So, we’re having the monthly “Birthday Celebration” for the department today and the VP/CIO introduces me to everyone for something like the third time. And, again, the jokes about how they keep me locked up in Storage Room B or, as the CIO likes to call it “The Bat Cave”, are all trotted out to make their appearances. That leads to a number of jokes about how no one knows who am I or what I do. Then, suddenly, Alex, who is a great bear of a Scot lets off with “Well, he doesn’t drink like a girl, I can tell you that much!” And the room erupts with shocked laughter. Personally, I took it as high praise coming from a Scottish ex-pat who used to work in a foundry. If anyone is a fair judge of drinking “talent” it would be he.
Okay, now at this point you may be asking yourself what that’s all about. No, I am not a big drinker, though I have been in the past. And, while I do enjoy a good Scotch whiskey now and again, I do not have a great tolerance for alchohol. But, I also don’t go around bragging about how I can drink any man under the table, either. See, we have a co-worker, Mike, who was absent today, that does just that, but is a bit of a light-weight. So, now, they make fun of the poor guy.
Later, I thanked Alex for the complient and someone said that the only thing was it would have been better if Mike were there to hear it! Everyone laughed and Alex said that he’d tell him. Better yet, he’d e-mail him about it!

So, while I may be many things, some desirable and some not, at least I don’t drink like a girl.


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