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11 Things to Do If You Get “Laid Off”

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Or, fired even.

Okay, so no one wants to get fired. (Well, that’s not quite true. I actually had someone ask me to lay him off once, but that’s another story.) Still, sometimes, market forces back employers into a corner and they have no choice but to “help employees find other opportunities to excel”. So, what do you do when that happens? Well, an article over at TechRepublic has several suggestions:

#1: Get everything the company owes you

#2: Get your resume updated and out the door

#3: Search company Web sites

#4: List your sources of income

#5: Prioritize expenses

#6: Don’t forget insurance

#7: Don’t burn bridges

#8: Avoid raiding your investments

#9: Get out

#10: Keep up with your debt

#11: Pay attention to your feelings

Thankfully, it looks like not only am I not getting fired, but I’ll be getting a reasonable “cost-of-living” raise this year.  But, with some of the stuff going on at Motorola, I thought my brother might make use of the tips.  (Yes, he reads the blog, too.)

Advice from your Uncle Jim:
A real hero is someone who's afraid, but does the right thing anyway.

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The Joys of Mac

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Um, yeah…

Okay, if you know me, you know that I constantly make fun of my brother, the Mac user. He’s got a PhD. in Physical Chemistry, works in R&D at Motorola, and is basically a genius. But, for some reason that I cannot explain, he’s totally devoted to his Mac. I don’t know, maybe he’s got that super-secret funny-little-picture-to-what-it-really-does decoder ring, or something, but I can never find just where I want to go to get stuff done on a Mac. Of course, I’m almost only on a Mac when something has gone horribly wrong, but still… Well, when I saw this movie about the “joys” of Macs, I knew I had to post it. Please be aware that the link will load a video in another window. Or, at least, it will attempt to do so.

Enjoy! And, happy Friday!


New Memory

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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

Faster, better hand-helds?

Well, maybe, but I’m waiting to see the actually products. See, according to this article on Wired News, there’s a new kind of memory coming that doesn’t get emptied when it looses power. So, the upside is, allegedly, faster startups and better hand-held devices. The down side, to me, is that when you want to clear memory, it’s going to be more complicated than just killing the power. Still, it’s being backed by Motorola, and I’ve always enjoyed their technology. Of course, it helps that my older brother works in Motorola’s R&D department, but, still, they are innovators.
Well, maybe it will help invigorate the IT industry. Now, you’ll have to be an expert to reboot your machine!

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