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Legal Speed

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The moon is a New Moon

This weekend I found my new favorite legal “speed”: the Starbuck’s Double Shot.

I tried it for the first time this weekend and it’s just this side of heaven. It comes in an inconspicuous, little can. They “suggest” that you serve the Double Shot chilled, but there’s really no other way to have this. One reccomendation, though. Pour it into a glass instead of drinking it right out of the can. That nasty metal after taste I can do without.
What this reminds me of is Thai coffee I had at a little place around the corner from our first apartment. It’s creamy and rich and just chock full of caffeine! That, of course, is what matters most. But, it is a nice, smooth drink and a quick, no-preparation way to get my daily dose of the all important stimulant. It’s even better than their Frappuccinos, which I’d loved up to this point. The only problem is, it ‘aint cheap. It’s like $2-3 per hit. I’m usually too cheap for that, but… Well, I really love this stuff. So, while I may not be able to drink it every morning, you can bet I’m going to keep a few around, just in case.

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