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Shop ’till you Drop

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

What a way to spend the weekend!

My wife and I shopped all weekend long. Saturday, we were at Target, which we pronounce Tahr-jay, like the French. We both had gift certificates from our respective birthdays and the whole family needed clothes. I was quite pleasantly suprised at their selection. Not only did I get the socks I needed, but I found two pair of really nice, affordable dress pants. I was shocked!
My wife got a bunch of clothes there and at Academy Sports, too. But, we never were able to find any school uniforms for our daughter. Too late in the season, I guess. We’ll just have to tell her to stop growing!

Sunday, we dropped off our daughter at her biological father’s and slipped off to Niko Niko’s, our favorite Greek sandwich shop, for lunch. After that, it was an expensive little stop at Half-Price Books. We hit the mother lode there. We got two huge tattoo books, several art books, a couple of books on type and typography, and even some fiction by William S. Burroughs. And all at half-price, or better!
Then, it was off to Texas Art Supply. We did even better there. Not only did I find more books on type, but my wife found a great acrylics set that was at half-price! Though, we didn’t know that until we’d checked out. What a great suprise!
Finally, we were off to British Isles to get my frou-frou aftershave. Well, they were out, but, not only did they promise to call me when it came in, but they gave me the tester for FREE! Of course, we then felt guilty and had to buy some stuff, but I think that might have factored into their decision a little. In any case, I can’t say enough about the wonderful folks who own and run this store.

Whew! I’m so tired I need to get to work and rest!


Mental Health Day!

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

Well, not much of an update today, but I thought I’d add in some personal stuff. Just for variety.
Last weekend, the girls went out to a Celtic Fest and left me at home. I thought it would be nice for them to get some “girl time” together. Anne has been working really hard and hasn’t been able to see Allie as much as she’d like, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for them to “bond”. This weekend Anne isn’t feeling too well, so I might just end up taking Allie out shopping for a little while. We need to get a book on telling time for her. I’ve instituted a work-for-allowance program that requires some knowledge of telling time. (Okay, so what I’ve done is tell her that I’ll pay her $2.50 per hour of cleaning up and other chores that she does. She might as well get used to the idea young. It is how the world works, after all.) Besides, I also need to get a book on the current version of Red Hat Linux. After looking around the Internet at stuff, it seems like everything for Linux of any real value assumes that you have a version of Red Hat installed. So, in spite of the fact that I’ve been enjoying Storm Linux, I’ll be learning Red Hat.
Speaking of learning… One of the reasons that I’m focusing more on Linux is that my studying for my CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate, for the uninitiated) has been slow going indeed. I’m still working on it, but with the lack of sleep that house guests create, it’s been hard to slog through the issues relating to sub-networking. It’s especially bad since I’m already familiar with most of the material! I just have to get the Cisco methods down for the test. Shoot! I’ve been doing TCP/IP since Novell used IP tunneling!! (That’s over 8 years, incidentally.)
Anyway, this is going to be a light weekend. At least, it is if I have anything to say about it. I’m in a good mood since I got two calls from headhunters on Friday. They’re looking to fill Network Manager positions, which is what I think I need to have next. I changed my resume on Monster.Com to reflect the fact that I managed people for the past two years. It seems to have made a difference! So, like I said, I’m in a pretty good mood this morning, so, if Anne is feeling up to it, I may just take my two girls out to our favorite little Greek place for lunch, Niko Niko’s.

See you next week!

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