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Evil Twin Solution(?)

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

Here’s the answer to the “Evil Twin” problem.
Remember some weeks back I mentioned the whole deal with so called evil twin routers? Well, there’s a solution. At least, according to this article on the ITToolbox Knowlegebase, there is a fix for it. Or, rather, there is a theoretical fix for it. Two computer scientists have come up with something they call the ‘delayed password disclosure protocol’ which they claim will remove the environment that allowed the evil twin router exploit to even exist. They hope to have beta code before the end of Summer this year, but it may be quite some time before that beta code goes gold and hits the actual market. So, keep an eye out for it.
Or, if you’re a bit of a computer genius, come up with your own competeing solution first! It could mean a lot of money to whoever beats these two to the punch. You know, for a change, I’m glad that I don’t deal with routers and these kinds of headaches all day long. I just have projects with unclearly defined goals, at least in my mind. Easy peasy compared to routing security issues.

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