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Zombie Proof House

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Now, this is what I call a “safe house”!

I know, I know, I’m seriously way too obsessed with surviving the zombie apocalypse, but, hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?
Anyway, a couple weeks ago, a Facebook friend posted a link to an entry on All That Is Interesting titled The First Zombie-Proof House.  The photos are , well, impressive to say the least.  A sleek, modern home with the ultimate in austere exterior, which also seals into a virtual fortress.  A metal security shutter that rolls down over a covered patio area and actual concrete “shutters” that swing shut over recessed windows, not to mention a second-story draw bridge connecting to a detached pool facility, all ad up to a pretty nice place to wait out the End Times!

And, keep in mind, unlike other survival homes I’ve shared here, this is NOT a theoretical building!
This “house” has been built by KWK Promes and is outside of Warsaw, Poland.  I found even more photographs and details of the construction and features at a site called HomeDSGN.  While they don’t specify the owner, they mention their need to have a feeling of security while also maintaining high-standard design features.  The photos really focus on the exterior of the home and the grounds, but you can see into the building itself in several photos and the interior looks like it has the same attention to detail and quality as the outside.

So, now, you have a new standard for your zombie-survival-home desires!
Happy Friday!

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