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Shitty First Dates

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Okay, I should probably save this, but I’m totally not going to.

Let’s not ask why I posted this when I should have been working out on a Sunday morning.  I’ll get to the workout in a minute, after I finish the post.  Let’s also not ask what I was searching on when I found the blog that linked to what I’m about to share.  And, let’s ignore the adult language, because, c’mon, people talk that way and it’s sort of integral to the bit.  But, most of all, let’s just skip right past the part where it’s not my first date we’re talking about.

Just click the link to the funny first date story found on Craigslist Portland.  The funny thing to me is that even after what happened, he still wanted to date her again!  The link, incidentally, loads a graphic on Picasa for you to read and loads in a new window.


LEGO Convention

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The moon is a New Moon

Okay, this is a week too late, but…

It’s still fun! According to this article on Wired News, Portland, Oregan hosted BrickFest PDX over the President’s Day weekend. From the description, it was LEGOs as far as the eye could see in all their creative glory. This is the first time I’ve heard of such a festival, but it makes sense. Those of us who are LEGO fanatics would totally go for this kind of thing. (Yes, I’m a LEGO nut. It’s just in remission right now.)
Anyway, several clubs got together to put this on. They had a big “shared” village that every group helped to set up, but they also had individual displays. Some of these looked spectacular. The LEGO roller-coaster has to be seen to be believed. The article on Wired News has pictures.
Hey, it’s Friday. Let your imagination run wild!

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