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Hurricane Preparedness

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Hurricane season started on Monday, June First. Are you ready?

Here in Texas, hurricane season is kind of a big deal.  Or, at least, it is to this kid from the Heartland.  Of course, most of the time, we have plenty of time to prepare because you see these things coming from a long, long way off.  Still, it’s better to be prepared early rather than competing with everyone for bottled water, bread and canned food.

So far, since I’ve been in…
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Mossberg Just In Case

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The moon is a Full Moon

Speaking of survivalism and the coming zombie apocalypse…

Okay, so last week I was sharing links about survival rations to keep you going through some “worst case” scenarios.  Well, this week, I think I have found the ultimate in fear marketing for the survival market.  Seriously.  The Mossberg “Just-In-Case” line.
You get, in an air-tight tube complete with carry strap, a Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun with pistol grip in a resealable water-proof bag, and either a “survival kit in a tin” or, for the marine models, a multitool with serrated, lock-back knife.  I assume you have to buy your own ammo, but, still, that’s pretty much the last thing every long-term survival kit needs, right?  Stock up on those rations, then fend off the zombies with the shotgun.  That should pretty much cover it.

No, this is not a joke.
Yes, a friend told me about this, so their word-of-mouth campaign is working.

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