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Ten Server Tools for Over-Worked Admins

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Hey, I missed letting everyone know about System Admin Day this year, but, I think this will make up for it.

I’ll be honest, one of the reasons I missed that this year is because I’m so overworked and over-stressed it’s like I was married to the Queen of the Damned again!  Seriously!  I haven’t been this frazzled since my divorce!  In any case, I imagine there are a lot of other server administrators out there with less free time than they’d like, too.  So, I’m sharing a blog post from Tech Republic; 10 Must Have Windows Server Tools.  I don’t know about “must have”, but they are handy for Windows admins, anyway.   I’ll need to scout around and find something similar for Unix admins.  After all, I can’t forget my bearded brethren!

So, hope that helps free up some time for you all, but now I’ve got to get back to work!

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