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I Gotz Mad Skillz

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The moon is a New Moon

But, are they the right skills?

Sorry for the “l33t” speak in the title, but it illustrates a point. According to this article on Australia IT, computer people with project management skills are in high-demand. And, as we all remember from our basic Economics courses, high-demand is usually created by a small supply. So, being a very, very skilled geek isn’t quite enough to get by in today’s market-place. Project management is where it’s at, boyz and grrls. At least, in Australia it is. Based on what I’ve seen in the industry, it’s true in the States, too.
Personally, I’ve never really liked doing project management. It’s usually fairly tedious and the worst end of IT management, but, it does pay the bills. Not for me, at the moment, but it has in the past. In any case, it looks like I’ll be chasing after a project certification soon. Like I already mentioned, it pays the bills!

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