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Finding the GoldenHour

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Do you know what the Golden Hour is?

No, it’s not the hour after sex.
And, actually, it’s two hours.  The so-called Golden Hour is the hour right at sunrise and sunset when the light is “perfect” for photography.  It’s when the light is even and indirect and the most flattering.  In other words, it’s just when you want to take beautiful, wonderful pictures of your favorite lover so as to remember them perfectly forever.
But, as lovely as that is, I’m a geek, so I was more excited about the software tool/webapp that helps you find the Golden Hour in your location, called, oddly enough, The Golden Hour Calculator.

So, there it is, the best light, especially for outdoor photography, where ever you happen to be in the world.  Go figure out your local Golden Hour and then get your camera to work!

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