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Tin-Foil Hat Brigade

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Do they really help?
Tin-foil hats, I mean. I’ve had some small experience dealing with nuts who are convinced everyone is plotting against them, so questions like this are very important to me. In fact, I’ve often wondered if wearing one would have improved that poor soul’s disposition and mental health. Probably not, but one can dream. And, I have to admit, it usually seems that the members of the Tin-Foil Hat Brigade actually hear more voices than the average schizophrenic. Well, there might just be a reason for that, according to this paper by an MIT researcher.
He found that tin-foil hats actually seem to improve reception of certain frequencies that just happen to be reserved for use by the Federal Government. Is it a vast, sweeping plot? Just an amazing coincidence? Well, if you ask a member of the TFHB, they’ll say it’s a conspiracy. Of course, most paranoids will also be convinced that any evidence contrary to their delusion is just proof that the person offering such “proof” is part of said plot.
My advice? Take off the shiny hat and try eating some protein for a change. The cult programming will wear off eventually.

Update: After writing this and posting it, I read my e-mail and saw that today is the anniversary of the Jonestown mass suicide. This topic suddenly became sadly appropriate.

Advice from your Uncle Jim:
"Sticking to good habits is like having a savings account: when hard times come, we can take the 'investment' we've made and overcome our problems."


Reader Warning

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Your attention, please!
I just thought I should warn everyone who reads, and comments, on my blog that my apparently bitter and vengeful ex-wife still reads my blog. She may follow you from your comments to your blog and comment there in her own very special, petty way. If you suspect such activity, you might trace any IP address associated with comments and see if they take you to either an anonymous proxy or a location in either Phoenix or Glendale Arizona. If said comment originates at either location and is seemingly out of place or otherwise inexplicable, you can be fairly sure that the Harpy has landed.
Please, don’t let this keep you from posting comments. In fact, look at it this way, she’ll add all sorts of intersting traffic to your website/blog! Sure, it might be the Tin-Foil Hat Brigade kind of traffic, but, hey, hits are hits, right? Seriously, I apologize to anyone who’s already been hit by this childish woman who just can’t let go. And, I apologize in advance for anyone who might get her filthy attitude smeared all over their website in the future. But, I wouldn’t worry too much, since she’s basically lazy as well. She might leave a comment or two, but I doubt she can maintain the energy to really do much more than annoy folks for a bit.
At least you get some idea why we’re divorced.

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