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Hungry Enough To Eat A Tire

Filed under: Personal — Posted by the Network Geek during the Hour of the Horse which is around lunchtime or 1:51 pm for you boring, normal people.
The moon is a First Quarter Moon

Well, after putting it off for far, far too long, I got new tires for my wife’s car.

A couple of months ago, I rubbed her tire against a concrete post and it’s been slowly leaking ever since. I’d stop every couple of days and top it off when I got gas, but this weekend it got worse. I ran out Saturday to pick up some beer from the store to go with our oh, so romantic pizza and the tire was almost flat. So, I stopped and topped it off. Then, Monday morning it was the same thing again! So, finally, I got the message and my wife and I took the car out to get five new tires, which we badly needed. Not only had that one tire been almost flat, but we’d been driving on the spare. Well, in any case, it’s done now.

But, last night I was so tired that I didn’t make a “backup” lunch for my “lunch meeting” today, and *ka-pow*, no lunch. I don’t know what happened but no one seemed to have any lunches at this meeting. So, I ate a couple of PowerBars and the like and begged my wife via e-mail to make something yummy and filling for dinner. I’ll let you all know tomorrow if she did.

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