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Like a Really Big Jigsaw Puzzle..

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

Not even shredding is safe enough anymore.

A long, long time ago, I argued that people with enough time could reassmble shredded documents. That was, unfortunately, proven true by the Iranians in the US Embassy. But, now, you don’t even need that much time or individual human resources. According to this story on The New York Times, there are a growing number of high-tech ways to reassmble shredded documents. To those of use who live in Houston, home of the Enron Scandal, that takes on a special significance. It seems they now have a program that does, essentially, “edge matching” and connects scanned pieces of shredded documents together via software. Basically, it’s a program to do jigsaw puzzles at a very high-speed. Keep that in mind if you think your documents are safe after they’ve been shredded.
And, one of the biggest firms offering this service is ChurchStreet Technology, who are based out of Houston. I bet they’re booked working on the Enron stuff for years.

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