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Free Photo Watermark Apps

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Who says I don’t listen to my readers?

So, one of my readers wanted to know about watermark applications to protect her photos before uploading them. Well, I’ll be honest, I haven’t worried about that too much, so I didn’t have a ready answer. But, a little Googling and a little experimentation turned up three freebies:

PicMarkr is free, but limited in number of files you can upload and total size of all the files.  As well as being free, another plus is that it integrates with Flickr pretty well, or seems to, at any rate.  And, as is the usual case with these free apps, there is a “Pro” version which they sell that has more features, including the ability to work with larger files and have fewer restrictions in general.

Watermark.WS is again, free and has more options than PicMarkr, but is still limited.  They do have a “Pro” version for sale with more and better options, for instance, the ability to watermark larger photos with no size limits, the ability to upload as many photos as you want and “400% faster batch processing”, whatever they mean by that.

Watermarktool.com: free, easy to use, limited options, but not bad for basic watermarking.  It also seems to be the only one that doesn’t have a more advanced version for sale.

So, there you are, gentle readers, three free watermarking tools, per your request!

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