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The Lizard that ate my e-mail

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

“Aieee! Mozilla!”

Wondering where I’ve been lately? Well, in part, I’ve been working hard to fit into the new gig. Luckily, that seems to be working because they’re talking about making me full time. That would be very cool.
Also, I’ve been working on the web services end of an Open Source project called Ogham. It’s going to be a Campaign Manager for role-playing games, which is something that I’ve been getting back into lately.

But, one of the things that is beyond my control that’s kept me all tied up is Mozilla mail. In the space of about two weeks, it ate several of my e-mail folders, including my Inbox. Grrrr. Bad Mozilla! It was kind of embarassing to ask my Mother to send me the same e-mail three times before I got it into my Palm. Of course, maybe word will get around and I’ll stop being the family helpdesk!
What really hurt about this, though, was that I had all kinds of e-mail from various groups I’m in that’s hard to replace. Oh, for some of it, I can go to the Yahoo!Groups website and read it, but it’s not as convenient as having it on my PC. Some of these are step-by-step directions on how to do things. Like how to trim huge sections of maps down to smaller, more usable maps in Campaign Cartographer. There was also some contact info in there that I may, or may not, have in any address books. (So, if you think I need to get in touch with you, e-mail me. If you need my e-mail address, there’s a whole different problem!)

Anyway, I’m hoping that as things stabilize after the holidays, I’ll be able to make more regular updates to my blogs. Of course, that all assumes that someone is actually reading this drek.

Happy Holidays!

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