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The moon is Waxing Crescent

After a power outage yesterday, the network is coming up slowly, but surely. Nothing like a bout with HL&P to liven up a “quiet” job! Incidentally, I’m typing this news bulletin on my new folding Palm keyboard. It takes a little getting used to, since it’s so small, but it really kicks butt for data entry. The whole contraption folds down to be about the size of my Palm IIIx and unfolds to roughly the size of an older laptop keyboard. The “feel” is more modern, but it sure does remind me of all the time I spent on the road typing up e-mail. With any luck at all, this crazy combination will let me make regular updates to this site, as well as my “gimmicky” site: www.HavePalmWillTravel.com. I know, it’s sort of goofy, but you’ll never forget it, will you? I mean, that is the purpose of most marketing, right? Product placement and getting the “consumer” to remember the brand? (See, I really did pay attention in all those Marketing classes!!) Until next time!

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