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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

Okay, so the day started out just fine, then something went wrong.

Well, to be fair, it was only two minor events, but they happened right in sequence immediately after I posted the last entry.
First, I bashed my head on one of the glass doors in the hall on the way to the bathroom. I was talking to someone over my shoulder and leaned on one of the two doors then started to walk out. But, it turns out I opened the other door and ran right into the closed one, forehead first! Kabong!! THe worst part was that I had an audience.
Then, I get done in the bathroom and my zipper is broken! Argh! So, I had to hurry back to my office and figure something out before I accidentally “exposed” myself and looked like an even bigger dork. Well, I couldn’t find any safety pins, so I ended up using the smallest binder clips I could find. So, I spent the entire afternoon with binder clips in my pants.

Dignity? Yeah, I remember having that once.

ISPs and Updates and Such

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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated my blog!

For one thing, I’ve been wrestling with my web host/ISP for one of my other domain names. I wanted to get a simple upgrade done and two weeks later, I didn’t even have a status report, much less the upgrade. So, I decided to move that domain, which is Fantasist.net, BTW, to a new ISP. So far, so good. They seem to be better than the last folks and they sure are less expensive!

As for other updates, I’m still working at Loomis Fargo. In fact, they’ve started to make noises about bringing me on board full-time. So, I guess I’m still doing okay. It’s been a really easy job for me so far. Nothing more challenging than checking backups and dealing with printer problems, really. Of course, this weekend, I’ll be doing an in-place upgrade on a Novell NetWare server. Got to get up to version 5.1, or we won’t get Novell support! And, at the same time, I’ll update it to the newest NetWare Directory Services revision, too. Two birds with one stone and all that.

Well, that’s enough of an update for now. More later this week. Maybe how I survived Thanksgiving at my in-laws.


Hungry Enough To Eat A Tire

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

Well, after putting it off for far, far too long, I got new tires for my wife’s car.

A couple of months ago, I rubbed her tire against a concrete post and it’s been slowly leaking ever since. I’d stop every couple of days and top it off when I got gas, but this weekend it got worse. I ran out Saturday to pick up some beer from the store to go with our oh, so romantic pizza and the tire was almost flat. So, I stopped and topped it off. Then, Monday morning it was the same thing again! So, finally, I got the message and my wife and I took the car out to get five new tires, which we badly needed. Not only had that one tire been almost flat, but we’d been driving on the spare. Well, in any case, it’s done now.

But, last night I was so tired that I didn’t make a “backup” lunch for my “lunch meeting” today, and *ka-pow*, no lunch. I don’t know what happened but no one seemed to have any lunches at this meeting. So, I ate a couple of PowerBars and the like and begged my wife via e-mail to make something yummy and filling for dinner. I’ll let you all know tomorrow if she did.


Leisure Time?

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Leisure time, yeah, I remember that.

Okay, so I’ve finally gotten a new job and that’s great and all, but I miss my reading time! And, yeah, I mean reading time, not nap time. Sure my wife will tell you that I ended up asleep a lot, but I really did get a bunch of reading done. I read fiction and non-fiction. I read computer books and history. I read fantasy and historical murder mysteries. Man, I read everything.
But, now, well, now I spend my days toiling in front of a hot monitor checking backups and security systems. Okay, so it’s really more drudge work than anything else, but still. It’s time I don’t get to spend reading. Add to that the fact that I have to get all my other stuff done, too, and leisure time gets stamped out pretty quick! I mean, we have a giant backyard and two big ponds and two enormous cats. So that pretty well takes some doing to keep it all running along smoothly. Not that it ever really does, but still, you get the idea. So, in any case, my reading time has been cut to a fraction of what it had been.
And, that’s not all I do for fun! I try to write fiction, which never seems to turn out well, but that’s another story. I like to make maps with Campaign Cartographer. And, I like to mess around with a bunch of other programs and fantasy creation ideas. But, how much do I get to do? No where near enough.
On the other hand, I’m not in danger of losing our house any time soon. And we have enough to eat, even though we’re trying to lose weight. And, in general, I can relax about a lot of money issues that had been keeping me up at night.

Having a job is nice.


Legal Speed

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The moon is a New Moon

This weekend I found my new favorite legal “speed”: the Starbuck’s Double Shot.

I tried it for the first time this weekend and it’s just this side of heaven. It comes in an inconspicuous, little can. They “suggest” that you serve the Double Shot chilled, but there’s really no other way to have this. One reccomendation, though. Pour it into a glass instead of drinking it right out of the can. That nasty metal after taste I can do without.
What this reminds me of is Thai coffee I had at a little place around the corner from our first apartment. It’s creamy and rich and just chock full of caffeine! That, of course, is what matters most. But, it is a nice, smooth drink and a quick, no-preparation way to get my daily dose of the all important stimulant. It’s even better than their Frappuccinos, which I’d loved up to this point. The only problem is, it ‘aint cheap. It’s like $2-3 per hit. I’m usually too cheap for that, but… Well, I really love this stuff. So, while I may not be able to drink it every morning, you can bet I’m going to keep a few around, just in case.


Novell Documents for Palm

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Yesterday I made the most wonderful discovery…. Novell AppNotes in Palm format.

I don’t know how long they’ve had it on their site, but Novell has all kinds of stuff in Palm database format. Don’t let that throw you, though, it’s just how the Palm Reader wants documents. I’ve got to tell you, for a Palm geek like me, this is great news! They’ve got everything here that a Novell CNE with a Palm could want.
I downloaded everything from NDS troubleshooting guides to information about testing LDAP. I grabbed an introduction to MySQL for Novell and ton of stuff about maintaining NetWare and NDS. It gives me something to read while I’m waiting for processes to run. It’s really great stuff!
Not everything at the Novell AppNotes site is formatted for the Palm, but a lot of stuff from the past year sure is. I know I’m gushing a little bit, but this really is great for me. I’ve been formating HTML pages for the Palm from Novell’s support database for years, but they never turn out so well. This not only looks good, but someone else did most fo the work!

Well, I’m off to read documentation!

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