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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

I get hits from the craziest searches.

I was looking at my logs over the weekend and saw really strange stuff in there. For instance, I got a bunch of hits from Google on “Strom Thurman”. I guess, because I wrote a little piece about his passing in my blog. But, then, too, I’ve gotten hits from some nut-job who was looking for “cannibal erotica pictures”, who apparently got to me via a misspelling in my blog entry “Corporate Canibalism”. In fact, out of amusement, I haven’t changed the title. I guess I should mention Novell and networking in my blog more often. Maybe I should talk about my resume and higher salaries, too.
So, hey, if any of you recruiters out there find my site and resume, I’m always up for a higher-paying Novell administration gig. Did I mention I have supervisory experience?

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