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Domain Name Thugs

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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

Not my usual Sunday fare…

But, I think this is important. It seems someone is trying to intimidate a domain name owner into giving up their rights. Back in 1996, Katie Jones got a present from her husband, namely, the domain name Katie.com. Well, now, it seems someone has written a book about her horrible experience being abused as a child, which she titled “Katie.com”. Frankly, I know nothing about the book at all, but, based on the title, I assume it involved meeting a stranger on the Internet who lured her into the abuse. In any case, this book came out long after Ms. Jones already had the domain name. Well, now, thanks to the book’s popularity, the author wants the domain name for her very own. And, she’s trying to intimidate Ms. Jones, via a lawyer, into just giving up the domain. Well, I, for one, think that’s just wrong. I’m sorry that this woman was abused and all, but how does it make it okay to bully someone else? Well, it doesn’t.

So, now you know. And, here’s how you can help. Good luck, Ms. Jones.

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