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Personal Kryptonite

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The moon is a New Moon


The new receptionist, C., has found my personal kryptonite: short, plaid skirts.
I’m the “phone guy” at our office, as well as the “computer guy”. Basically, anything that has an LCD display, or larger, on it is my responsibility. C. has been after a headset for her phone since we changed to the new system. I got her a wireless headset, which arrived yesterday. The instructions said to let it charge over night, so we did and this morning, she called me to see if we could get it working. So, I found myself standing next to her, trying to ignore how nice her hair smelled, when I saw plaid in my peripheral vision.

I’m sure the skirt was meant to be “Christmasy”, since it was done in bright, Christmas colors. And, I’m sure she had no idea how she was effecting the men in the office. (Hey, let’s face it, I’m not the only guy in the world who has a thing for short, plaid skirts!) In any case, I noticed the skirt, shortly after I noticed the auburn highlights in her hair, and, immediately, my marriage training kicked in. I instantly focused on her eyes. I think in time to keep from getting caught, but those female types are inscruitable, so I’m not absolutely sure. From then on, there was a little voice in the back of my head that kept screaming “Look her in the eye! For Christ’s sake, look her in the eye, man!” I think I covered any skirt/leg oogleing well enough with a string of small, situational jokes. At least, she was laughing at all the right lines, so, it seemed good.

Oh, and that whole “not just another pretty face” thing was reinforced when she recognized that the symbol on my golf shirt was not a “sideways eight”, but, in fact, an infinity symbol. Great legs and a well-rounded cerebellum. Yep, it’s hard to not be attracted to this one.
Hmm, I wonder if she likes Black Watch plaid…..

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