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The Geek As Rockstar

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Because, this is totally why I got into computers.

Yeah, right, sure it is.
Look, these new ads by Intel highlighting the “rockstars” of the geek world are great.  They’re cute.  They’re funny.  But they work because this is so NOT how our society works.  Geniuses who invent things that change the way many of us live are mostly not appreciated in their time.  They don’t have trading cards.  They aren’t the subject of comic books.  They don’t get their faces on boxes of breakfast cereal.
But, isn’t that wrong?  I mean, shouldn’t that be what we reward?  Not the super-jocks who can throw a ball or run the bases or whatever, but the geniuses who actually change the world?

Maybe I live in a dream land, but, well, that’s how I wish it was.

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