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Moleskine Templates

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

I likes me some Moleskine.

I am a geek.  This is not news to you if you read the title of this blog.  The geek is built in.  Like many geeks, I fixate on things to the point of distraction at times.  One of the non-computer things that I have fixated on over the years are Moleskine notebooks.  In fact, I carry one with me pretty much everywhere I go with an embossed red tape label on it to capture my brilliant ideas.  It’s mostly empty, but that’s besides the point.

When choosing this particular Moleskine, I bought several of each variety, lined, squared, plain, in both sizes.  I looked at the merits of each.  The open-ended freedom of the plain that I could picture an artist using.  The writer’s familiar lined much like I’m sure Hemingway used.  The squared version seeming like the kind of thing Edison would carry to sketch out engineering drawings.  But, in the end, I had to choose just one.  I had to commit to using one style, one method, one mindset.  Well, not so much any more.

Now, thanks to the Moleskine website, there are templates for making your own custom pages in each of the formats and sizes available.  Now, you can add ruled pages to your plain notebook, or squared pages to your lined notebook.  You can even add a personal information page!  Why, the possibilities are virtually endless!  (Well, mathematically speaking, they are finite, but you get what I mean.)
Also?  Now that Moleskine has loose-leaf paper like they bind into their notebooks available, customizing your Moleskine is even easier.

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