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The moon is Waning Gibbous

No, not some new chick I’m dating.

Sadly, it’s Linux software.   Okay, well, not so sad, because it’s Linux-based software to help you track your personal library.
Yeah, yeah, I know, what kind of geek has a personal library that’s worth cataloging, right?  Yeah, well, as it turns out, me.  I probably have a couple thousand books of one kind or another spread all over my house.  I’m pretty sure virtually every room in my house has a stack of books in it, if not a full bookshelf.  And, yes, I do lend quite a few books and they sometimes go missing.  And, yes, I have so many books, I have, on very rare occasions, bought the same book twice.  And, finally, yes, I’ve been talking about doing this for years, but this software actually looks like something I might use.  Besides, it’s free.

Among the features are the ability to search by ISBN, author, title or keyword so you can find just the book you’re thinking of in your collection; the ability to retrieve information from on-line bookstores and other sources; and the ability to use several different scanners, including the CueCat, for data input.  (You can read more about the features here at the Alexandria FAQ.)  There is more information, including a manual and screen shots at the Alexandria homepage.

So, yeah, a little geekier than my usual Friday Fun post, but it’ll probably excite the librarians among my readers.
(And, I really hope there are some sexy librarians who still read this blog!)
Enjoy your weekend!

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