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The moon is a New Moon

My wife sent me this on Sunday.

It took several days to read it and not be overcome with emotion. The blog is called The Mesopotamian and it’s written by an Iraqi. Of course, I suppose it could be faked, but it just has so much intimate knowlege of what’s happening there that I don’t think it is. It’s a very, very personal blog that has so many concrete, personal details of daily life that I don’t see how it could be faked.
The post that moved me, and, I think, my wife, was called “Listen America”. It talks about how gratefull so many Iraqis really are that America saved them from Saddam. Much of what we’re told by the media doesn’t seem to be quite true, but the story that all Iraqis want us gone, right now, is the worst. Sure, they want to govern their own country, but they seem immensely grateful that we’ve helped them. Weapons of mass destruction don’t seem to be a big issue for them. Certainly, not as big an issue as it is for us. Something to think about.
I’m glad that we were able to do some good there, no matter what our other motives might have been. Go, read The Mesopotamian. I think it might really make a difference in how you see politics today.


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