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An FAQ on FAQs

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The moon is a New Moon

No, really, I’m not kidding.

Actually, this is kind of work related, but geek related and fun, too. One of the down-sides to my job is writing documentation, so when I saw that O’Reilly had published an FAQ on FAQs, I had to go look. The article is by Sean Michael Kerner, who I’ve never heard of before, and is quite well written. Of course, it’s not quite what I thought it was at first. This is not an article about how to write FAQs, but rather a review of tools to maintain them. Frankly, I’d always thought that was done by hand and simple counting, but apparently there’s more to it than that. Who’da’ thunk it? Well, apparently, O’Reilly did.

A good article and an easy read for a Geek on a Thursday.

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