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Missing Friends

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

I’ve been holding this post back.
Mainly because I know certain people read my site and might possibly interpret this post as talking to them. It’s like a conspiracy theorist, though, the more I deny it, the more proof they seem to find that I am, in fact, doing it. So, rather than get caught up in it, I’ll just say it.
I found out last night that a friend, an acquaintance really, passed away this week. It doesn’t come as a surprise, actually, Reid had AIDS and the past few months he’d started to go down-hill. He’d been in the hospital for a couple of weeks and I knew he wasn’t doing well.
I feel guilty, though, because I’d lost touch with him. Three and a-half years ago, when I first started going to one of the support groups that I attend, he was leading the group. He could see I was in deep emotional pain and that catty old queen held this breeder’s hand and listened to me pour out my troubles through teary snot bubbles and told me it would be okay. He was a good man, and he’ll be missed. I’m glad I knew him.
See you on the other side, Reid.

On-Line Drug Peddlers

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Getting busted!
Finally! According to this article on Wired News, the bottom feeders who have been selling psychotropic drugs online are getting chewed up by the Wheels of Justice. They may turn a little slowly, but when they finally kick in, they really turn. Currently, they’re focusing on the so called “designer” drugs that either were legal on some technicalities or are so new that they’re not specifically illegal. The thing is, though, that based on what they do to the brain, they’re illegal, so the on-line pushers are getting fried for selling them. All I can say is that it’s about time.
Now, they need to go after the on-line “pharmacies” that sell dangerous, but otherwise legal, drugs to anyone with a credit card. Sure, diet drugs seem harmless enough, but most of the serious ones really need to be administered with a doctor’s continuous supervision. Oh, I’m sure these scumbags are keeping it technically legal, but it’s still a crime, in my book.

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