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DIY Coilgun

Filed under: Fun,Red Herrings — Posted by the Network Geek during the Hour of the Tiger which is terribly early in the morning or 5:44 am for you boring, normal people.
The moon is a First Quarter Moon

No, I haven’t made one.

But, someone has, in fact, made their own coilgun pistol.  It’s probably not quite deadly, but it also only cost about $135 to make and looks pretty damn cool.  Now, what’s taking the U.S. Military so long to come up with their own?  Or, why haven’t they taken this one and improved it to something deadly?

Either way, here is evidence that geeks are cool.  I mean, it took a pretty smart, geeky guy to come up with this and actually follow through on it to produce a working gun.  At least, I’m impressed.  And, you have to admit it is pretty cool and definitely geeky.  So, geeks are cool.
Stop laughing!

(Yes, okay, I knos this is old, but I’ve had it sitting in my queue for six months and I’m just getting to it!)

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