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US Tech sector on rise

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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

It’s on the rise! Hey, aren’t you listening?!

According to AustralianIT, the US computer industry is improving. They claim that there are more jobs and more money being spent on IT. Well, a little bit of money on a very few jobs. But, things are definately looking up! And, eventually, we’ll actually notice.

Okay, somewhere in the US this might be true, but here in Houston, the tech job market is still pretty slow. And, there are still job postings for positions requiring MCSE and CCNA at $20/hour and less. That’s not looking real hopeful to me, but I guess stock analysts are desperate for any good news about the tech sector. God, things must be pretty bad for them to be clutching at that kind of straw. Well, maybe if they say it enough times, and loudly enough, people will start to believe it and actually start spending here in Houston.
Yeah, and maybe I’ll win the lottery.

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