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The moon is Waning Gibbous

No, I don’t have a girlfriend.
No, I met the “Senior Partner” from Louisiana today. Apparently, he’s done some checking up on me with former employers. He mentioned Kirby by name and talked about people in management there. Not sure who he talked to, but they seemed to have liked me okay because he said they had nice things to say. Sort of interesting, considering the somewhat dubious circumstances under which I left that job. Well, I guess I did better at not burning bridges there than I thought! Yea for me!
I’ve been doing a lot of research into moving from Windows NT to some version of Linux this week. It actually might be easier than I thought. For one thing, I’ve been looking at Novell’s Linux solutions and they have several options, all of which use a migration tool that seems workable. It’s actually a Windows server “consolidation” utility which they meant for admins to use as a way of merging several Windows servers into fewer Novell servers. It sounded a little clunky, but it was free with the software. The other option was something called LSP from DAS Technology. LSP Pro, which showed on the site as costing $500 per instance, would migrate everything for me, automatically, and also add management tools for the long term. Not a bad option and it would be an easy upgrade to RedHat. I think I could make that work, if I can convince them to spend the money.

In other, totally unrelated news, I took my dog for a walk just a few minutes ago. She was so scardey of the little, tiny dog that we met I thought she was going to wet herself. Some fierce watchdog I’ve got. Ah, well, at least she’s lovable and always happy to see me when I get home. It’s the best unconditional love I’ve gotten since I left my parent’s house. I miss my mommy sometimes. I really ought to investigate those dog parks I wrote about some time ago. I just haven’t had the time with all the chaos in my life. Ah, well, one day soon it will all calm down. I hope.


  1. Hey Geek. Which does your scared dog prefer: Perl or PHP for experimenting with simple webscripting?

    Comment by Mark — 4/28/2005 @ 1:59 am

  2. Well, that depends…
    If we’re doing a background process, PERL is better. But, lately, anytime we look at a web interface, we consider PHP. Of course, PERL is what we know best and what we end up using most of the time. She can be taught new tricks, but I have trouble with that part sometimes. And, if I could just find the right project to experiment with, I’d learn more PHP. The new job might have some things for me to work on in that regard, since one of the reasons I was brought on was to work on the website.

    Comment by the Network Geek — 4/28/2005 @ 5:12 am

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