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Geek Girl Gadgets

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Well, at least they’re geek gadgets for girls.

So, in an attempt to win back my female readers after last week’s rather bland, but still slightly sexist, offering, I bring you Wild for Women’s Gadgets from Tech Republic. These are a collection of pictures of gadgets, those little do-dads that make our technological life a little sweeter. In this case, though, they’re gadgets designed by women for women. Apparently, just painting it pink isn’t enough of a market differentiation for the ladies these days. They have different needs than male geeks, which even I could have told those stupid marketers. So, there’s a largely untapped market.
Until now.

Also, while tooling around, I found a number of other, more stylish gadgets and accessories that surely must be aimed at the female of the geek species, as most male geeks have little to no style at all. (I like to think of myself as an exception, but, well, opinions vary.) A lot of these come from links at a place called StyleHive, so it’s probably worth checking them out. First, there’s the Sumo Laptop Purse that includes a portal for headphones. If I were dating a digital gal, this would be the top of my gift list for her. Seriously.
But, for the arty geek, there’s the Sail Back Pack, which isn’t exclusively for laptops, but works well. They’re made from recycled sails off yachts. Hey, it’s a kind of recycling!
Then there are these Laptop Skinz by SKYN. Seriously girly. At least, I can’t imagine a guy putting a paisley skin on his laptop.
So you can see, it’s a woman’s world in the geek-o-sphere after all!
Anyway, ladies, and gents, I hope this makes up for last week’s lame link. Either way, it’s Friday, so why not click the link and look at the pretty pictures?
Update: Wow, how could I have forgotten that it’s Hemingway’s Birthday today?

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