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Citrus Server?

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The moon is Waning Crescent

The “orange” box….

Now, I have to admit that I really dig little computers. I mean, when I was a kid, all the science-fiction writer’s were just starting to explore tiny, but powerful, computers. Now, we’ve got all kinds of personal sized machines that are better than the servers I started out working with in my first IT job!
The latest of those is called T-Cube. It’s a little, orange box that runs its own OS. It’s not big, but they pack a lot into it. You can read more about it at I4U.

One of the things I think is cool about this is that it’s being developed in Asia for Asian markets. They’re building in support for Chinese, which is a major challenge for non-Chinese speakers to localize. It’s a small, affordable PC which made its debut at a Japanese computer show just this year. Who knows what that will mean to US manufacterers, but it’s an interesting trend in Asia.


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